Chemical Peel 

Skin with an uneven texture or brown spots are common after years of sun exposure.  Besides using professional skin lotions and serums, several treatment options are available.  Chemical peels (Perfect Peel, TCA) will exfoliate your skin and improve your skin texture and tone.  A light to medium peel can be done depending on your skin condition.  Most of the peeling takes about 3-6 days depending on the strength used.  A series or maintenance of treatments will keep your skin looking more smooth and even.



If you cannot afford any downtime, a great option would be the Dermasweep.  This procedure exfoliates your skin for an instant smooth appearance and feel without any downtime.  It can be done the day before that special event or meeting.  Thuy, Physician Assistant, can customize your treatment plan depending on your skin condition.


Microneedling & PRP

Is there any treatment for those fine lines and crepe skin, especially around your eyes and upper lips?  The answer is Microneedling with PRP!  This great treatment targets the deeper layer of your skin to regenerate new collagen and tissue.  PRP is a process where platelets are collected from your blood and is pushed into the skin with microneedling.  Platelets are full of growth factors which further stimulate your skin to produce more collagen.  A series or maintenance of treatments can be done about every 6-8 weeks depending on your goal.

Watch this video for a Demonstration.